TMJ approach is acupuncture and cranial massage

Acupuncture and massage around the TMJ and craniofacial area is one of the recommended physical and thermal therapies in the cranio-mandibular and cervical area.
By increasing the tissue temperature and the thermal action directed to the dermis, pain is reduced by increasing blood circulation, and soft tissue around the joints is stretched by improving blood circulation through vasodilatation.

As a rule, two treatments per week are required.

The most effective way to utilize this method is to first massage the area around the skull and temporomandibular joint, then apply acupuncture to the hardened and stiffened areas, and finally apply moxibustion.

The approach to the trapezius muscle is to improve the range of motion of the acromioclavicular joint, the glenohumeral joint, and the scapulothoracic joint at the collarbone by Anma massage.