Traditional Asian medicine and Anma Shiatsu

Traditional Asian medicine needs to heal the sick, but it is even more important to prevent healthy people from getting sick.
There is a traditional Japanese massage called Anma.
Anma,shiatsu, and moxibustion therapies are among those that play the most important role as curative medicine.

In Chinese medicine, “to cure the unwell” has been a top medical policy.
To “cure the unwell” means to prevent illness from occurring.
There are various ways to prevent illness.
Among them, there is nothing better than massages to relieve fatigue.

The touch of a warm, sincere hand instantly revives the exhausted body and mind and restores vitality.
Massage is a truly magical way to relieve fatigue.” Hands are a mysterious medicine” is exactly what it means.
When fatigue sometimes becomes excessive, and when the mind is troubled, it is difficult to get a good night’s sleep, and the accumulation of fatigue eventually leads to illness.

A good massage, however, leads one to a pleasant sleep.
Once a person forgets his or her fatigue and worries and falls into a pleasant deep sleep, both body and mind feel great.
In this way, since the Edo period (1603-1867), massaging has been used as a method to relieve fatigue and to help people sleep peacefully, and it is also very useful in curing illness.

While the therapeutic use of foot massages is in the realm of medicine, it is also thought to be extremely effective for nursing care as an aid to medical treatment.
Massage has a great function in terms of health care, health and wellness, treatment, and nursing.

We recommend the use of masseuse as a method of relieving fatigue.